Our Services

As a custom software development company, CollectivePoint strives to provide our customers with quality software development services. To do this, we use proven techniques and processes as we use agile development practices to deliver successful software.

Our strong technical team can help ensure we meet your expectations in some of the following services:

Custom Software - Meet with client to understand requirements and learn how we can help.  Help custom define requirements or use clients requirements to agree on scope and resources. Use development tools to build software using proven practices.  Consistently and repetitively meet with client for feedback and correction.

Database Solutions - Relational Database Modeling, Database performance improvement and assessment, Data warehouse and Data migration.

Process Improvement - We can help your team learn an Iterative development approach, lean software practices, repetitive release and continuous integration.

Web Development - We can help you develop your web application using leading edge technologies.  We can help with a public facing web application to a private internal application.  We also promote the use of WebAPI for creating web applications with a broad range of front ends (web, mobile, app plug-in).

Windows development - We can help you with your Win32 development by creating windows services, WPF applications as well as lower level Interop Api wrappers.

Mobile Development - Our mobile strategy is to use industry standard tools to create the least amount of code as possible.  Our desire is to use MonoTouch to create a single code base and compile and package this code for individual devices, saving the client money for development, but even more savings come in support and maintenance.