Keeping Software Simple!

A lot of companies think that you have to make software complicated to make it "Enterprise" ready. They build upon layers and layers of redundant code and introduce design patterns where they aren't necessary. CollectivePoint Keeps Software Simple!

We believe software can be constructed and maintained in a simple development process with the goal to create as little waste as possible.

For small projects, we simply meet with the stake holders, gather an understanding of the desired system, build a prototype and repeat.

For larger projects, we do more upfront planning and design, agile process definitions, client meetings, all the while keeping it simple.

We do our best to listen to our client and adjust according to where the client's needs are at the time of delivery. We know business processes change fast now-a-days! Let's solve the problem quickly, re-asses and fine tune the software's features.

In some cases we work using our client's software development approach, but we are ok with that. We understand that everyone works differently and we can adjust and fit in on and make a difference.

We are the elite, we do the best we can and ask for help when we need it. We are a team above the individual.